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Cheepash Consulting Services (CCS) is an Ontario-based business providing tailored services, across Canada and internationally, to organizations seeking to improve their engagement with various communities of interest, i.e. input and output stakeholders

“Knowledge can enrich the experiences we share, while perception broadens the horizon of our vision. Openness to new challenges brings traditions to new life. Tradition is the source of many shared and valued experiences. And shared experiences are a foundation for effective communication.”

· Assess current needs, operational context, and governance structure
· Develop an approach to consulting that accommodates and expands upon the internal resources of the client
· Form a working relationship that builds capacity, generates shared knowledge, and adds value to broader organizational goals
· Construct a work plan that responds to both internal timeframes and external pressures

Principles & Values
· Effective governance and management
· Due diligence
· Forward-looking and holistic
· Adaptable and timely
· Client focused
· Shared value
· Sustainable community development
· Partnership building